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Meet our dogs below!


Name: Odie

Generation:  AKC Moyen Poodle

Weight: 35 lbs

Coat Type: Curly

Health Testing: OFA Hips & Elbows,

                           Genetic Panel

This is our fun loving Odie! He is the father to our puppies here at Mountain Valley Pups. Odie is a handsome red colored, loose curly coated, 35 lb., handsome fella. Odie has an outstandingly calm, easy going, tender personality. He is affectionate and gentle, even with young children, never overpowering when greeting people. He is quite athletic, with an amazing jumping ability and the fastest runner of our three dogs.  He has been eager to please and was easily trained.​


Name: Blessie

Generation:  F1 Goldendoodle

Weight: 60 lbs

Coat Type: Wavy

Health Testing: Genetics Panel

She is our Blessing, or Blessie, as we like to call her.  She is Momma to our F1b puppies.  she is an amazing momma and cares attentively, lovingly and gently for her puppies.  She is spunky, thinks she is a lap dog and is everybody's best friend.  One of her favorite things is to jump into our creek and get her belly wet, no matter what the temperature is.  She displays her intelligence with her problem solving skills.  Figuring out what she needs to do, to get exactly what she wants.  She is obedient and eager to please.



Name: Mazie

Generation:  AKC Golden Retriever

Weight: 60 lbs

Coat Type: Smooth/Straight

Health Testing: Genetics Panel

This is our beautiful Golden Retriever momma, Mazie. She is the mother of our F1 Goldendoodles. She is a fun loving, exuberant girl, with a nose for adventure! Mazie is always the first to get a scratch behind the ears and she loves to race the other dogs to be the "lead explorer" when we are out hiking! She is a wonderful mama and cares well for her pups.  It is such fun, when her pups become old enough, to watch her gently engage and play with them.  Her enthusiasm sometimes makes obedience a challenge, but she quickly makes the right choice because of her strong desire to please. 

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