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Our Story

Hello and welcome to Mountain Valley Pups! 

We, Bill and Carol, are a small (3 dog) family breeder of sweet Goldendoodle Puppies.  We are committed to responsible and

ethical breeding and raising practices; that produce cuddly,

happy, spoiled, well socialized and well loved puppies

..... that make terrific family pets. 

Our lives are enriched by three canine companions.....

Odie, Blessie and Mazie. 

Odie, our male is a 35 lb., red colored AKC Moyan Standard Poodle. 

He has an outstandly calm, easy going, tender personality.  He is affectionate and gentle.  He is eager to please, smart and obedient. 

Blessie is a 60 lb., cream colored F1 Goldendoodle

(50% poodle & 50% golden retriever).  She has a very social and outgoing nature.  She is a sweet, gentle and playful momma.  She displays her intelligence with her problem solving skills. 

Mazie, our second female, is a 60 lb., red/gold AKC Golden

Retriever.  She has an enthusiastic, carefree and friendly

personality.  She is intelligent, loyal and easily trained.

She is somehow both laid back and energetic, two

opposite traits, but she blends them well.

All three dogs have been health tested and are cleared

of over 200 genetic disorders/diseases. 

We take special care, to raise each puppy to be the kind

of dog we want to have around our adult children and

grandchildren.  Four (of 8) of our adult children and seven (of 11)

of our grandchildren, live in our neighborhood and interact

often with our puppies as they grow.  Just try to keep

a child, or anyone, away from a batch of adorable puppies! 

Our puppies full grown size has a broad range, from 30-60 lbs. at adulthood.  The majority of our pups mature at 40-50 lbs. 

Our property, nestled next to a creek

and with a view of towering Mt Adams, is in a small, peaceful,

farming community in south/central Washington.  It is here

where we all adventure, thrive and love together. 

We believe, that when you meet our Goldendoodle Puppies,

you will fall in love and it will be a beginning for you ....

a beginning of a new life together

of adventure and thriving and loving also!

Click HERE to meet our dogs!


Here is a map to help you find us!

A picture of our home!

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