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Meet puppies from our previous litters below!


"Henry has the sweetest disposition with a very happy, mellow and loving personality! All he wants to do is play and love you (us).  We feel very fortunate to have him in our lives!"  Chris

"We couldn't be happier with our choice! Piper is healthy, gorgeous and full of energy! We adore her and she has settled in well with our older dog. If we had more space we would be visiting you for another dog. She is smart, so smart and easily trained."  Sherry


"Ellie is doing great and is such a joy for our family and her older 'doggy brother'."  Ashley

"Mila is a happy and enthusiastic dog. She is the light of my life and I can't imagine life without her! She is very demonstrative and affectionate. When we go to the dog park she runs and plays with the other dogs and is really well socialized."  Patricia


"Cedar is doing great! Normal puppy shenanigans, but he is learning and growing. He has been healthy and well. We are glad we got him from your litter. He's been the perfect distraction from the pandemic craziness!" Christy

First day comments, "We just brought home the sweetest little boy today!  We are in love with him!  I can tell he has come from a good home ..... that he has been very loved and socialized.  He is so sweet and well behaved with my little ones and wasn't startled by our family who come over to meet him.  He's such a perfect addition to our family and such a blessing.  Bill and Carol are kind, trustworthy and dependable.  This whole process was a great experience start to finish."  6 month comment, "He is such a cuddly dog with the BEST personality!  He is SO loved and fits in perfectly with our family and lifestyle!" Holly

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First day comment, "We made it home safe!  I can not thank you enough.  He is such a blessing.  I am in love!  God bless your family, thank you for bringing so much joy into the world and being so kind!"  Riley

"Bella is a wonderfully delightful member of our family!" Janis

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"Your family gave us the best gift we could ever imagine.  He is everything we didn't know we needed!"  Emalee 

"Maisy has been a great addition to our family!  She is sassy, fun and energetic and loves people, dogs and kids!  On our walks, Maisy wants to say Hi to everyone.  I understand now why so many goldendoodle owners have more than one!"  Patrice

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