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We offer beautiful puppies with a lot of value added

(compare us to other doodles offered)

•   Your puppy will go home with a leash, collar and a crate.  Plus we provide a                 goody bag, which includes a weeks worth of puppy food, a toy, and baby/                 comfort blanket that has Mom's scent on it.  

•   Crate Trained: This means they are familiar with their crate, and comfortable          entering/exiting it.  They will be able to sleep for 8+ hours at night, in a crate         by themselves.  This means, that right from the beginning, your puppy will be           safely secured, not peeing/pooing/eating socks in your home while you sleep at         night.  When you and puppy are ready, and you want your fully housebroken             puppy to sleep on your bed .... simply don't shut them in their crate at night.            (Your puppy will go home with its own crate.)  (Just so there is no confusion, we do not crate                or kennel any of these pups or our own pups/dogs during the day.  They have complete freedom to romp and play....            and fill our world with their delightful antics and cuteness!)

  • ​Housebreaking/Potty Training: we start this training when the pups are 3.5 weeks old.  We train the pups with a patch of real grass (not a pee pad) that is replaced with a fresh patch of grass as needed.  While they are not fully housebroken when they go to their new family home, the learning pattern has been started.  About 20% of our pups have less than five "accidents" in their new home.​

  • ​Collar Training: Your puppy will be comfortable wearing and sleeping with a collar (a big deal for a little puppy!). 

  • Additional Training:  These pups will be ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) Training, ESI (Early Scent Introduction) Training, BAB Handling Exercises, BAB Exposure Activities, BAB Noise Exposure Experiences and best of all Individual Snuggle Time daily!  All of these trainings should boost their confidence, awareness and tolerance to stress. These trainings should also make them a healthier and happier puppy for your family!  Want to know more about what these are?  Just ask, I am happy to tell your more!

•   A 2 Year Genetic Health Guarantee  (Health tested parent dogs)

•   Your puppy is raised in our home. Your puppy will be well socialized with men,            women, children, grooming, and veterinarians. Your puppy will also be exposed to      both the indoor noises (vacuuming, kids playing, toys) and outdoor noises (cars,       lawn mowing in the distance, etc).

•   We will welcome back any puppy at any time, though we will not refund their            cost.  We will always take one of our puppies back because we take care of our        family!  We understand that circumstances can change suddenly (they have for        us!) and don't ever want a family member ending up homeless or even worse,            because their people are facing challenges.


•   Micro chipped with your name and contact information so you can be found if            your puppy is ever lost.  (Puppy will be chipped if, the pups family has placed a         reserving deposit before the well puppy vet appointment when the microchip is       inserted.)


•   Your puppy will be fully VET CHECKED and up to date on all wormer and                    vaccinations.


•   Support, before and AFTER your adoption.





Our medium/standard size Goldendoodles are competitively priced at $2,000

​for litters born after January 1, 2023                                                     

Pricing reductions and age of pup at time of sale, may impact some of the "extras" listed above.

We ask for a $500 deposit to reserve your puppy. 

Deposits count toward the final cost of your puppy,

 so $1,500 due 10 days before puppy pick up day.​​


Location and Contact:
Trout Lake, Washington
971-285-0916 call/text, or
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